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Bruce Byers Bruce Byers Consulting provides technical assistance to government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector in the U.S. and over­seas. We carry out assessments, analyses, and applied research that provide the background information needed to design effective strategies and actions in complex ecological and social contexts.

Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve

25 August, 2011 At the headquarters of the Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve we met with the Senior Warden and some of his staff. The park and reserve are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).  The warden talked
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Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

24 August, 2011 Athman Seif, director of “MaMa,” the Malindi Marine Association, met us at the Malindi Airport after the short flight from Lamu.  He would be our host and local guide for the next couple of days as we
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Beaches and Dunes, Kiunga Marine National Reserve

21-22 August, 2011 About 8:30 on Sunday morning the boat pulled up in front of Lamu House.  We scrambled down the steps and climbed in with our gear, joining two staff members of the USAID-funded SECURE Project and two staff
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Mangroves of Lamu

20 August, 2011 Dropping down to land at the Lamu Airport after a flight of a little over an hour from Nairobi gave a gull’s eye view of the extent of mangrove cover. Low forests of these salt-tolerant trees covered
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Field of Dreams of Monarchs

September-October 2010 One day in May I dug up some young milkweed plants I spotted growing along the bikepath while on a run, and transplanted them to my garden.  I guess it was a hopeful “if you plant it, they
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Mau Forest

18 August, 2011 The morning was sunny, but the humid clouds hanging on the higher hills around Nakuru suggested that rain was coming later.  We passed through farm country around Njoro, turned onto a smaller road through Edgerton and headed
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Underpass for Elephants

16 August, 2011 Yes, that’s under “pass,” not “pants,” which would be even more unusual.  Not than an underpass for elephants is a usual thing, even in Kenya.  In fact it is the first one the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy staff
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Community Conservancies in Northern Kenya

15 August, 2011 We were off early from the Ngiri Guest House at Lewa for an all day trip to visit two community conservancies whose formation has been supported by the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT).  We drove through Isiolo and
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Mt. Kenya and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

13-14 August, 2011 We left Nairobi on Saturday afternoon in an underpowered old white minivan, driven by James, a driver hired through one of the countless safari tour companies in Nairobi, and fought our way through the endless glut of
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