Strategic Planning

Bruce Byers Consulting strategic planning

Evaluation of the 10-year USAID Global Conservation Program involved site visits to a number of projects on several continents, including the “Kilimanjaro Heartland” of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, where the African Wildlife Foundation has been working to reduce threats to biodiversity and improve human livelihoods and governance. Findings from this evaluation were used by USAID in designing the next generation of support to conservation partners.

Developing strategies to affect the actions that threaten biodiversity and natural resources requires information about the causes, motivations, and drivers of those actions. As such, effective strategies are just another part of the program cycle, drawing from applied research, analysis, assessment, and evaluation to bring together successful interventions in a creative and coherent way. Assisting clients with strategic planning is another service we provide.

•    Conserving the Miombo EcoRegion WWF Reconnaissance Summary Report 2001
•    Rethinking USAID’s Global Forestry Program 2000
•    Garden of the Gods Restoration Report 2000

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