• Assessments & Analyses

    Many clients designing strategies, programs, and projects in complex ecological and social situations have use my services to assess or analyze needs, opportunities, and challenges in an objective way. Read More

  • Evaluations

    Evaluations that objectively review the performance of a program or project to determine the degree to which it achieved its planned objectives are an important tool for adaptive learning. Read More

  • Applied Research

    Applied research brings the scientific method and hypothesis-testing to bear on questions that relate to human ecology, the development of sustainable societies, and effective conservation and NRM. Read More

  • Strategic Planning

    Developing strategies to affect the actions that threaten biodiversity and natural resources requires information about the causes, motivations, and drivers of those actions. Read More

  • Project & Program Design

    Bruce Byers has extensive experience designing programs and projects for clients, especially USAID and its contractors.  Read More

  • Education, Communication, Outreach Strategies for Behavior Change

    Behavior is the interface between ecosystems and human social systems.  Human choices and actions create the threats to biodiversity and natural resources. Read More

  • Short Courses

    In twelve years of university teaching he taught more than 2,000 students in classes ranging from small Honors Program seminars to large lecture classes. Read More

  • Guides & Manuals

    Bruce Byers has extensive experience leading and facilitating participatory information-gathering and analytical processes that help clients summarize success stories and “lessons learned.” Read More