Mission: To contribute knowledge and creative advice that will help people conserve the biological diversity and sustainably manage the natural resources that are the foundation for diverse, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous human societies worldwide.

Bruce Byers Consulting works toward this mission by providing technical assistance to government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector in the U.S. and over¬seas. We carry out assessments, analyses, and applied research that provide the background information needed to design effective strategies and actions in complex ecological and social contexts. These services support strategic planning, and project and program design.  Monitoring and evaluation services complete the cycle of adaptive learning that underlies sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity conservation.  In the quest for ecological and social sustainability we frequently assist clients with education, outreach, communications and behavior change strategies.

Bruce Byers Consulting covers a range of thematic areas and issues, including:
•    conservation biology
•    natural resources governance
•    sustainable forestry
•    ecosystem services
•    human ecology
•    human and social dimensions of conservation and NRM
•    community-based conservation
•    protected area management
•    ecotourism

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