monarch butterfly

Peregrination to Cape May for Hawks and Monarchs

October 14th, 2013. This was my annual pilgrimage to Cape May, New Jersey, which I’ve written about in past years.  I call it a “pilgrimage,” because it is a journey – although not too far, really – that for me has
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A Pilgrimage to the Monarch Butterfly Overwintering Refuges in Michoacán, México

On cold, grey, winter days in January and February a bright memory sometimes flutters into my mind, and I’m off on a daydream of a trip to see overwintering monarch butterflies in their mountain refuges in México in 2004, now
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Field of Dreams of Monarchs

September-October 2010 One day in May I dug up some young milkweed plants I spotted growing along the bikepath while on a run, and transplanted them to my garden.  I guess it was a hopeful “if you plant it, they
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