Cape May

Monarchs and Hawks at Cape May

October 7th, 2017. After years of making a faithful fall pilgrimage to Cape May, New Jersey, to watch the migration of hawks and monarch butterflies, my consulting travel schedule overruled the annual tradition in 2014, and I haven’t been back
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Peregrination to Cape May for Hawks and Monarchs

October 14th, 2013. This was my annual pilgrimage to Cape May, New Jersey, which I’ve written about in past years.  I call it a “pilgrimage,” because it is a journey – although not too far, really – that for me has
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Migrating Hawks and Monarchs, Cape May, New Jersey

October 10, 2011 Sipping coffee on my 5th Floor balcony at the Ocean Holiday Motel, overlooking the dunes and beach at Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, on Columbus Day, the scientist in me couldn’t resist even an amateur attempt to quantify
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