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Pondering the Ponds of Nags Head Woods

November 10th, 2012. Hurricane Sandy had brushed by North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Halloween, and some beachfront neighborhoods were still assessing the damage and digging out a week and a half later. But today was a glorious fall Saturday, with
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Mangroves in Mozambique: Green Infrastructure for Coastal Protection in an Era of Climate Change

20 September 2012.  After wading across the low tide mudflats at the Port of Angoche, and into knee-deep water to climb into the fiberglass boat, the big Yamaha outboard wouldn’t start.  While we bobbed lazily in the hot sun and
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Stopping Slash and Burn Farming in Saja Village

20 September 2012. A large crowd of people were gathered in Saja Village when we arrived at about 9 AM on another sunny morning. Our silver 4X4 Ford “Everest” looked as out of place among the thatched huts as a
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