environmental conservation

Mau Forest

18 August, 2011 The morning was sunny, but the humid clouds hanging on the higher hills around Nakuru suggested that rain was coming later.  We passed through farm country around Njoro, turned onto a smaller road through Edgerton and headed
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Underpass for Elephants

16 August, 2011 Yes, that’s under “pass,” not “pants,” which would be even more unusual.  Not than an underpass for elephants is a usual thing, even in Kenya.  In fact it is the first one the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy staff
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Mt. Kenya and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

13-14 August, 2011 We left Nairobi on Saturday afternoon in an underpowered old white minivan, driven by James, a driver hired through one of the countless safari tour companies in Nairobi, and fought our way through the endless glut of
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