Short Courses

Bruce Byers Consulting short coursesBefore moving to Washington, D.C., in 1992, Bruce was on the faculty of the Natural Sciences Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and taught at the Naropa Institute. In twelve years of university teaching he taught more than 2,000 students in classes ranging from small Honors Program seminars to large lecture classes.

In 1987 he taught aboard the Semester At Sea Program, travelling around the world on a ship-board college campus with stops in eleven countries. After founding Bruce Byers Consulting in 1994, Bruce continued to teach short courses at the University of Colorado, Colorado College, and Stanford in Washington. In 1997 during a Senior Fulbright Fellowship he also taught a graduate course at the University of Zimbabwe.

Bruce has led three field-study courses in eastern and southern Africa for Colorado College. In his short courses, Bruce brings an applied science and interdisciplinary perspective to students more often used to narrowly disciplinary academic courses, grounding them in fresh, real-world experience drawn from his consulting work. The mix of academic and practical views that Bruce brings to teaching energizes his courses and refines his consulting practice. Example of courses taught include:

•    Colorado College 1999 San Luis Valley Environmental Management Course Syllabus
•    Colorado College 2000 Ecology 2000 Syllabus
•    Colorado College 2001 East Africa Course Syllabus
•    Colorado College 2002 Ecology and Conservation in Africa Syllabus
•    Colorado College 2003 Fire Ecology Syllabus
•    University of Colorado-Boulder 2001 Conservation Biology Syllabus
•    University of Colorado-Boulder 2004 Conservation Biology Syllabus

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